Introduction (by Michael Martin) March 2015

Friends and colleagues who wish to keep tabs on my musical interests and activities can visit these pages from time to time.

Although I gave up music as a full time profession in 2010 to focus on ACASC I love to keep returning to the creative activity that gives me the greatest satisfaction. And why not?

People keep telling me 'musical talent is a gift'. Until recently I have always believed it was the result of sheer hard work added to a little bit of 'flair'.

However, around the year 2009, this appeared to be taken from me when I suffered the dreaded 'Focal Dystonia' otherwise known as the 'creative block'.

This was when my right hand although perfectly healthy, simply gave up interest in the guitar and would not do my bidding. It can happen to all sorts of performers and is literally a kind of 'burn-out'.

So I took stock and went away to re-learn the guitar all over again. Now that was hard work! But in having to re-learn the guitar again from absolute scratch, I re-learnt fundamental truths. I learnt to re-connect with what got me into music in the first place and now recovered, feel that I am a better player and teacher for the experience.

Now I only play and teach if my heart is truly in to, and not just because there's good money in it, or from a feeling that in some way that I have to.

MM August 2013

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