Introduction (by Michael Martin) March 2019

Friends and colleagues who wish to keep tabs on my musical interests and activities can visit these pages from time to time.

Although I gave up music as a full time profession in 2010 to focus on ACASC I love to keep returning to the creative activity that gives me the greatest satisfaction. And why not?

People have always told me 'musical talent is a gift'. As I grow older, I can really appreciate the truth in this comment as I somehow have always managed to retain my enthusiasm for being involved with music.

In recent years, I have begun exploring the many ways technology can enhance musical development. I was an avid fan of Sibelius Software since way back in the nineties when it was first developed by Ben & Jonathan Finn from Cambridge.

And so, despite several failed 'attempts' to give up music over the years I still find myself drawn to its ever-expanding magic.

These days I tend to prefer to follow my deepest musical enthusiasms. This involves arranging and composing and developing new ways through technology that students can better increase their understanding of music whilst not losing touch with its inherent humanity.

MM August 2018

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